Anarchists in the Boardroom

Concrete Solutions co-founder, Liam Barrington-Bush, is currently in Oaxaca, Mexico, weaving together stories from grassroots social movements, online uprisings and forward-thinking businesses, to paint aRead More


[The Concrete Solutions team are] passionate, trustworthy, and professional about the work they do in the local communities. Liam, who we work most closely with,Read More

We do

We help grow human institutions… Courtesy of David Gray at NAVCA…living, breathing organisations, which hold people and relationships at the core of everything they do.Read More

We are

Concrete Solutions bridges gaps. On the one-hand between the streets, the communities, the people; and on the other, the organisations – public and voluntary –Read More

They shut it down!

Obviously this is small fries in the scheme of the kind of business this scale of institution does, but given the ripple-effects of other ‘one-off’Read More

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